bernstein and Kevin Baconfrom Footloose (aka KBFF) are both monikers of Germany’s Cody Norenberg. As a DJ he has been playing everything from techno to afrobeat for over a decade. bernstein's eclectic and dynamic DJ sets take listeners through audial wonderlands with sojourns into techno, lo-fi, dusty soul, superb B-sides and the occasional musical oddity. His live exhibitions offer an invitation into deep, grooved, and soulful techno that captivate mind and body. His talent for floor-stomping and sensational performances have afforded him the opportunity to play in famed venues such as Sapporo's Precious Hall, Tokyo's Space Lab Yellow, and the underground techno haven, Module. He has played along side a world-class list of artists including Portable, Ryan Elliott, Kyle Geiger, Taeji Sawai, DJ Klock, Knowing Looks, and numerous others. Through his passion for creating music he has established himself as a distinguished producer of exceptional, soulful music. His projects have been released on numerous labels including Nordform Records (Japan), White Label Music (UK), and Race Car Productions (USA). bernstein, also known as Constantine Bischoff, also maintains a position as chief mastering engineer at 345 Studios, Germany and it’s branch operation in Tokyo, Japan where his expert ears tune tracks into finely crafted masterpieces. With bernstein's dedication and expansive knowledge into the world of sound, he is certain to continue expanding hearts and souls wherever listeners appear.


FORMAT: Digital
RELEASE DATE: Dec 18, 2012
ARTWORK: Evan Scott Sharfe
MASTERING: Constantine Bischoff

  1. It's Hot
  2. Deluxe
  3. Median Slope
  4. Mine And Yours
  5. Delight In The City

About the artist

bernstein, the most prolific of our visionaries, has been in hiding for the quite some time. Thankfully, he returns after the hiatus with the much anticipated Replay. Replay embellishes his previous work. Equally focused on the swirling atmospheres of his past but now pointed towards a new, funk-laden groove. Replay jacks and heaves, inserting itself onto the dancefloor.

A swirl of ambience is in the forefront as we “Delight In The City,” but this is no slow roller, it has been drug through the cosmos, revealing a bright facade within the shell. “It's Hot” is a steaming dirty attack. Fully glitched, with rubbery, elastic basslines, the clicks build and build until you feel them topple over. Once it pops, the pulse dies, only to start all over again. A true throbber. “Deluxe” ignites into pulsating organic rhythms and stuttered vocals, finally diving into a fiendish subterranean bassline.

Preparing to glide down the “Median Slope,” bernstein readies all machines for the voyage by priming their cogs with synthetic oils and organic victuals. We are finally dropped into a lush wasteland.“Mine and Yours” reassures with an intimate, ephemeral soundscape of enlightening nights and perverse lows. The beat plays on.