Blood Handsome
Is Down

FORMAT: Digital
RELEASE DATE: Oct 13, 2017
ARTWORK: Evan Scott Sharfe

  1. When Your Night Ends
  2. Reach Out (featuring Yazoo)
  3. Gone Ghost
  4. Gone Cold
  5. Brother
  6. Just You (featuring Fredd C., Elias, and Ernest White)
  7. Brooklyn
  8. He Woke Up
  9. Coming Back
  10. Run Rat

About the artist


Blood Handsome is the solo project of artist, Gerren Reach. Through an eclectic mix of retro soundscapes, nostalgic synthesizers, and cinematic undertones – His dark but optimistic songs have helped Gerren's sound find its place on the musical spectrum. The debut album, IS DOWN, paints the picture of a futuristic yet familiar soundscape with strongly crafted melodies and rhythms and tells a story, a personal journey. Imagine Trent Reznor producing the soundtracks for Drive and Blade Runner and Blood Handsome is sure to come to mind. With comparisons to the likes of such heavyweights as Joy Division, The XX, Nine Inch Nails, Massive Attack, Cold Cave and more, Blood Handsome is poised to carve out its own mark