We shared a living space with Bobby Dowell on a Spring Field Trip. Ever since we are sure of two things, there need to be more vending machines in Casino Hotels and, more importantly, Bobby Dowell is capable of creating the most cerebral and powerful electronic music imaginable. We consider ourselves privileged to work with such a prodigy.

The title track is a living, breathing, stalking creature hell-bent on abomination. "Shift" is quite literally a metamorphoses of form and structure. Nothing is static, all is growth and maturation. The beast beats through rhythm and punctuation only to allow itself innumerable size and stature through whips and cracks of static and wails.

If this song is "A Perfect Shade of Dark," that shade is not the blackest of black. Dowell creates a soundscape of a full spectrum of color, bleeding red and purging grey. Although the emphasis is on the nightmare, you are plunged in the power of the dream. This is the soundtrack to hope all through the drumming of your heart.

"Corrosion" is the disintegration of the definition of techno. Although the form is there, the pits and cracks in the final product allow beauty in the meltdown. Relying heavily on vocal stabs and syncopated gasps, this weapon brings you right back to a deep delve into your own subconsciousness.

Rounding out the Extended Play is deep distress "Signal." "Signal" acts as a plethora of airwaves swarming into the sky fighting for connection, fighting for flight. We find ourselves not entrenched in the deep layers of the earth, but above it, floating through the clouds. "Signal" is the calm behind the storm, the beauty in the darkness.

Audio Injection from Droid Behavior inserts a deep-laden groove into "Corrosion" while also playing on the vocal stabs building them into a dangerous frenzy. Just when it seems the steam will pop another round of mayhem drops into the cauldron. With a high speed chase of rampant percussion and deep drone this remix is a weapon of the dancefloor, a destructive late-night groove.

Bobby Dowell

FORMAT: Digital
RELEASE DATE: Nov 29, 2011
ARTWORK: Evan Scott Sharfe
MASTERING: Constantine Bischoff

  1. Shift
  2. A Perfect Shade of Dark
  3. Corrosion
  4. Signal
  5. Corrosion (Audio Injection's Erosion Remix)

About the artist

Bobby Dowell revels in the obscure and the darkness. He delivers a sound devoid of form, while embracing the traditional canvas of the most notorious of time signatures. One could say, he delights in the "different drummer." The sound is dark and decadent, while creating a living, breathing human element that one could only describe as a soul. Dowell's history is one of rogue status. He rarely escapes his own studio, only occasionally collaborating with his compatriot, Kyle Geiger. He has released on such labels as Droid, PercTrax, and SlapJaxx. His mysterious vision now finds another home with RACECAR and he is welcomed with open arms.