Cumbres Carrascosa is one-half of the wildly popular indie outfit, The Fruhstucks. On his second release as Cumbres Carrascosa, Miguel Cámara delves deep into his own psyche to bring forth beautiful songs about the darkness and the light in all of us. At times pop-driven and at times experimental in form, Silenced No is a voyage through droning guitars, punchy drums, and hazy vocals. In his own words, this music is a celebration of a posthumous dreamworld. It couldn't be described any better.

This album has been in the works for quite sometime, bred from a beautiful encounter in Southern California where I finally met Miguel when he was touring through with one of his many projects, Monstruobot. He let us release these incredible songs and the final product has only become more sensational, personal, and raw while our friendship has grown and grown. This release is a fantastic gift, presented with love as a testament to the relationships and family that RACECAR has become.
— Matthew Cooper, Label Owner

Cumbres Carrascosa
Silenced no

FORMAT: CD/Cassette/Digital
RELEASE DATE: Apr 29, 2014
ARTWORK: Miguel Boxerinlove
MASTERING: Constantine Bischoff

  1. Intro
  2. University Avenue Road Yangon
  3. Human Graves
  4. Minimum Sacrifice
  5. Still And Hushed
  6. Glitch Of Love
  7. Silenced No

About the artist

Difficult to categorize, Cumbres Carrascosa plunges through no-fi subways and fuses the sounds of retro electronic, chillwave and dreampop. A somewhat dulled air of resignation lies below the hissing keys and the hazy vocals of this narcotic drone from Canary Islands. Miguel Cámara, the solo performer behind Cumbres Carrascosa, invites listeners to get onboard a hypnotic journey to the heights, where lyrics punctuate longing memories. Close to unconscious, Cumbres Carrascosa is a celebration of finding oneself in a posthumous dreamworld. Cumbres Carrascosa's 2-track single "Nevertheless Introductory", an intentionally down-tempo preface, was released via the french label Beko Disques on January 31st. His new album titled Silenced No is due out on April 29th via U.S. label RACECAR