Formerly the pilot of Fair Heron from Lexington, KY, Ellie Herring is now firmly entrenched in her new solo project. Her first release, Flailing in Attraction, is a truly magical experience. It is deeply rooted in darkness but has a mystical beauty that comes from a female touch. The opening track has already captured attention and is a new favorite of Robert Disaro. This album rewrites modern electronics, blending the worlds of IDM, Witchhouse, and Ambient to a new level and may very well inspire media to coin a new genre altogether.

The opening is slow and screwed, a percussive blast entitled “What to Know”. Ellie's vocals taunt and haunt whilst gazed melodies swarm above. The bass vibrates below. Truly sensual, it embodies the calm before, during, and after the storm. “Touch Point” is rife with clicks and swells fading into symphonic stabs. Highly cerebral, your head will sway and nod: back, forth, and sideways. “Full Blown” awakens you with a jolt of blindingly fast beauty. The sonics of the new romantic, it encompasses the tapping of an amorous drum machine. “Hunter's Dreamboat” plunges into the darkest of forests and glistens in the fog-laden midnight air. Primal yet synthetic, the melodies arpeggiated, the grids chopped, happily lost and never found. Rounding out and flailing in attraction, “Ever Ever Said” is soft-spoken yet silently shouted. It falls like a broken tape with sighs and moans in a subliminal chorus. A perfect lullaby, a perfect sleep.

Ellie Herring
Flailing in attraction

Format: Digital
Release Date: Jun 7, 2011
Artwork: Dustin Bowen
Catalog #: RCP 030
Mastering: Constantine Bischoff

  1. What To Know
  2. Touch Point
  3. Full Blown
  4. Hunter's Dreamboat
  5. Ever Ever Said

About the artist


Armed with a Commodore 64 at the age of seven, Ellie Herring laced fingers with a technology that has lasted thus far, a lifetime. Her time filled with coding books and exercises based around programming sound was balanced by a required 8 years of classical music theory and piano beyond standard education. As she continued to bridge this gap a sound manifest itself between programming and emotion. While the C64 has long been put to rest, she has come to settle in an electronic style that embodies what she describes as a residing personal affection and temperment. Her sound is a collection of ambient fervor in bed with a plotting beat and a rich history of input, execution, and repetition.