Ellie Herring returns with her second RACECAR release entitled Kite Day. This much anticipated album is released on CD with remixes by Albert Swarms, Sines + Katastrophic, and VHVL. Kite Day is dark yet playful, as if the children of the corn went dancing. Sounds that appear to come out of nowhere leave you scratching your head and wondering how Ellie creates such gritty yet beautiful sounds. All the while, the groove is steady and strong, daring you not to move your feet. This may be her most experimental release to date and it manages to be her best. Kite Day intertwines sadness, beauty, and life.

Ellie Herring
Kite Day

FORMAT: CD/Digital
RELEASE DATE: Jul 23, 2013
ARTWORK: Robert Beatty

  1. Anti Alias (feat. Amber)
  2. Don't Fall
  3. Thinking JFK
  4. Always Just OK
  5. Full Eyed
  6. Say A.M.
  7. 10 Hours In Prague
  8. Anti Alias (VHVL Remix)
  9. Thinking JFK
    (Albert Swarm Remix)
  10. Thinking JFK
    (Sines + Katastrophic Remix)

About the artist

Ellie Herring is an American born electronic musician and producer. Her first EP, Flailing In Attraction, released with RACECAR in 2011 following up with the first full length, Satiate out on Phantasma Disques (Germany) in January 2012. Her work has been remixed by the likes of Amtrac, VHVL, Albert Swarm, Sines, Nature Program, Porcelain Fangs, The Librarian, and Skeleton Hands. Ellie has been featured on Impose, ISO50, The 405, You Ain't No Picasso, MAAMF, Ace, Bowlegs, Autostraddle, and others. She has shared the stage with Class Actress, SSION, MEN, Eliot Lipp, Ana Sia, The Polish Ambassador, VHS or Beta, Big Gigantic, Yip Deceiver, Dieselboy, Designer Drugs, Parallels, and Bitch.