Throughout the 9 months after the release of Ellie Herring's Flailing in Attraction we have been barraged with requests to remix songs from the album. We obliged and ended up collecting the best of the best. Reattraction is a collection of remixes and a testament to the popularity of the album. The collection comprises everything from house to IDM. This is an exercise in diversity and triumph.

Nature Program from Brooklyn, NY provides a slow-tempo version of "Ever Ever Said." A dreamscape filled with swirling melodies and echoed beauty. True melancholy with the first rays of daybreak.

Amtrac from Kentucky spins "What To Know" into a full on romp complete with crystallized beats and crunched samples. A dancefloor hit, self-destructed with anthemic cuts.

Lazer-Bat from Skeleton Hands provides deep and funk-laden remix of "What To Know." The remix rises up from the grave and parades through the inner-city, the belly of the beast. Street-gaze.

schädel (known to some as DJ Empirical) from Cincinnati, OH concocts a hypnotic look at "Hunter's Dreamboat." A slow burner, complete with devilish ambience and synths that hold you captive. The depths lead with the heart and fall to the floor.

Reve Mosquito is one part of the minimal wave group Photo Voltaik from California. His take on "What To Know" is an absolute deconstruction of the original built back up into an opus. Modular synths beat into the shambled web of clicks and cuts. Only to end in a blast off to the center of the galaxy.

Porcelain Fangs from San Diego, CA take us into the machine with clicked drum machines, echoed breaks, and a punch of raw power. The remix is relentless in both attack and swirled emotion.

The Librarian edits "Full Blown" down to it's barest essentials. Adding the dose of evil that only he knows. A minimal burner, his remix relies on the darkest pulse with swirls of percussion.

Ellie Herring

Format: Digital
Release Date: Apr 03, 2012
Artwork: Dustin Bowen
Catalog #: RCP 035
Mastering: Kevin Frey

  1. Ever Ever Said
    (Nature Program Planar Mix)
  2. What To Know (Amtrac Remix)
  3. What To Know
    (Lazar-Bat Never Knows Remix)
  4. Hunter's Dreamboat
    (schädel Remix)
  5. What To Know
    (Reve Mosquito Remix)
  6. What To Know
    (Porcelain Fangs Remix)
  7. Full Blown (The Librarian's Changeling Edit)

About the artist


Armed with a Commodore 64 at the age of seven, Ellie Herring laced fingers with a technology that has lasted thus far, a lifetime. Her time filled with coding books and exercises based around programming sound was balanced by a required 8 years of classical music theory and piano beyond standard education. As she continued to bridge this gap a sound manifest itself between programming and emotion. While the C64 has long been put to rest, she has come to settle in an electronic style that embodies what she describes as a residing personal affection and temperment. Her sound is a collection of ambient fervor in bed with a plotting beat and a rich history of input, execution, and repetition.