It's been six years since we last had the pleasure of releasing anything new from Emma De Sèze, but that doesn't mean we ever lost contact. Over the years we received countless promos from her making us beg and plead for a new release. In the end, the wait was worth it. Her new EP, Draculabold certainly lives up to the name. All of the songs rely heavily on experimentation with a hypnotic feel that forces your head to bobble back and forth. It starts off with a slow burner of blasts and schizophrenic bursts. It's spooky in all of the right, quirky ways with plenty of grit to keep the dance frenetic and wild. This one is all in the mind. The sounds on the title track, “Draculabold,” bubble and pop as the bassline transforms against the beat. We are reminded of the beauty and wonderment of what was once thought of as minimal. It hits hard with subtle swells leading to tic-tac-toe tapping rhythms.

Rounding out the release we present three very different remixes of “Draculabold.” HiEM of Crosstown Rebels and Eskimo fame heads in with a refined pulse and quickly builds into an arpeggiated attack of the original's soon to be classic bassline. With vocal pulses and a jacking techno beat, this one smashes. On the other side of town, Federico Leocata moves “Draculabold” into a black and white horror movie with his remix full of clashing pulses. Staying with the undulation of the original, he deconstructs all of the elements into his own private nightmare of reverberating growls and trance-inducing rushes. If this remix is played in its entirety, you may wonder if Dracula is sneaking up behind you. Lastly, TL of the house of RACECAR speeds up the original and adds some electro wizardry and playful sleaze in his “Bloody Remix.” It's all evil laughs, wicked cuts, and it feels real good.

Emma de Sèze

FORMAT: Digital
RELEASE DATE: Apr 07, 2015
ARTWORK: Pauline Gallier

  1. Angry Jesse
  2. Draculabold
  3. Non Sense Drama
  4. Draculabold (HiEM Remix)
  5. Draculabold
    (Federico Leocata Remix)
  6. Draculabold (TL's Bloody Remix)

About the artist

At the innocent age of sixteen, Emma De Sèze wandered into French and Belgian nightclubs and the open tendrils of techno. This turned her into an encyclopedia of the music and the culture. As her knowledge developed so did her desire to DJ and eventually this wasn’t enough so she began creating her own music. She explored the more experimental side of techno with a minimal and transformative approach and landed on such record labels as Tao Dan, Miniatura, and RACECAR. Since then she has been carefully crafting brand-new, upcoming output for Bon Temps and RACECAR with new explorations of her already solidified sound.