Constantly on the cusp of the cerebral and delectably danceable, Evan Scott (and his pseudonym Galaxy Kid) is an eclectic soul with much promise. Two years ago he released the first in a series set to explore the calmer, more introspective side of techno and ambient music entitled Sphere Session One. The likes of which received support from such contemporaries as Laurent Garnier, John Selway, Alland Byallo, Kate Simko and Noah Levine. The long awaited second installment, though a slightly darker departure, is not only sure to garner such accolades but was also created almost completely live. Is this the new face of Evan Scott? Or just one of his many masks?

Evan Scott
Sphere Session two

FORMAT: Digital
RELEASE DATE: Aug 10, 2010
ARTWORK: Evan Scott Sharfe
MASTERING: Constantine Bischoff

  1. Duosphere
  2. Duo

About the artist

Growing up in a musical household, Evan Scott was introduced to a vast array of musical styles and instrumentation at a young age. This exposure inspired him to begin experimenting with electronically-
made music at the age of fifteen. From day one, Evan created a musical chiaroscuro, merging the light with the dark and painting beauty with undertones of the grotesque. With each musical release he continued to explore alternate forms of instrumentation, genres, styles, and musical expression. Over the years, DJing and exploration of new technology allowed Evan Scott to hone his skills and to meld a myriad of genres including idm, house, minimal techno, electro, disco, and beyond. He first released "Crane" on Race Car Productions’ virgin effort. This single was a precursor to his EP entitled Five Style Fists; a collection of micro house tunes inspired by Chinese Martial Arts Cinema. In late 2008, Evan Scott released the first installment of an ambient project entitled Sphere Session One. Receiving support from such tastemakers as Laurent Garnier, John Selway, Alland Byallo, Kate Simko, and Noah Levine (XLR8R, Urb), Evan shows no signs of slowing down. Evan Scott is currently busy conceiving new music and forging new harmonious paths. His manipulation of the sounds of science through his DJ sets shows him to be a music connoisseur with refined tastes and a promising future.