Fire Escape is a stirring journey through the more abstract sounds of techno, with a steady cadence and sharp intentness toward sound creation. Kevin Buster, a new producer from everywhere America, delves into the new sound of Nashville and brings along some of his compatriots, Grey People and Black Shield. This release is truly the embodiment of a basement level sound that emanates from the South. Grey People from Proper Trax, CGI, and Cult Trip adds his touch to "Fire Escape" through heaving, breathing synths and delivers a 4AM groover. The relatively unknown and mysterious Black Shield adds some grime with back-alley electro on his rendition of "No One Else." This release is a testament to the new breed of tech-house and its varied facets of mood and energy.

Kevin Buster
Fire Escape

FORMAT: Digital
RELEASE DATE: Aug 25, 2015
ARTWORK: Evan Scott Sharfe

  1. Fire Escape
  2. Fire Escape
    (Grey People Remix)
  3. No One Else
  4. No One Else
    (Black Shield Remix)

About the artist

From the fields of Kansas to the hills of Mexico and all the way back to the sounds of Nashville, Kevin Buster crafts electronic music with a rich sound based in exploration and life experience. His attention to sonic textures mixed with a soulful groove gives his music a profound emotional quality that is sometimes lacking in modern dance music. Notably catching are his basslines, where he excels from years of wielding a bass guitar and knows how to deftly punctuate and anchor the music to the dance floor.