After a long hiatus, RACECAR, Ltd. presents a new, three-part series from newcomer Kevin Kendall. All of the three EPs, "Adult Skate", "Blue" and "Room 208" are an exploration in sound design with a steady grasp on movement and a keen mentalist mindset. Just as groove-inspired as they are experimental, Kevin Kendall melds his near-prodigy abilities musically with a strong, futurist identity. The 1st EP, entitled "Adult Skate" starts things off with vocal rips and high-anxiety. Wild beats and other-worldly moans blast over insanity in the form of a techno framework. This one starts the series off strong and hits hard.

Kevin Kendall
Adult Skate

FORMAT: Digital
RELEASE DATE: Sep 08, 2017
ARTWORK: Evan Scott Sharfe

  1. Adult Skate
  2. Pine

About the artist

From the fields of Kansas to the hills of Mexico and all the way back to the sounds of Nashville, Kevin Kendall crafts electronic music with a rich sound based in exploration and life experience. His attention to sonic textures mixed with a soulful groove gives his music a profound emotional quality that is sometimes lacking in modern dance music. Notably catching are his basslines, where he excels from years of wielding a bass guitar and knows how to deftly punctuate and anchor the music to the dance floor.