Long awaited and patiently crafted, Nature Program offers his second release on the imprint. With a nod to the past and a wink to the future, this release finds itself more driven than its predecessor, not necessarily in beauty but definitely in drive. The entire release emanates a sense of the regal and grader.

The opener "Aqueduct & Conduit" matches story-time twinkles with epic and romantic waves of synthesizer gold. Just when it pops it truly pops, if Nature Program is given the audition, this will enrapture any crowd of swaying creatures.

"Recreation" starts with a hiss and builds into a frenzy. Beats broken and recreated only to be thrown down a flight of stairs and then picked up again. A veritable roar finally culminating into a purr, a scream into a whisper.

As we come to the close with "Growth Chart" we realize just how far we've come. Glory resides in the deep gaze of sonics. Just when we are not sure we can take anymore, the sun lifts over the clouds the synthesizers rejoice into a deep plunge of hope. A plane of perfection, a wave of the most beautiful and bizarre dreams of your life.

Nature Program
If More Space Is Needed...

FORMAT: Digital
RELEASE DATE: Sep 6, 2011
ARTWORK: Emily Brandt
MASTERING: Constantine Bischoff

  1. Aqueduct & Conduit
  2. Recreation
  3. Growth Chart

About the artist

Eric Pitra is from northern California. A true nomad, he studied photography in Denver and then found himself in the bustling metropolis of New York. His moniker Nature Program stems from his adventures. As a child he found himself obsessed with the nature programs on PBS and his constant search for wildlife in the rolling hills where he was raised. Now that he is in enveloped in his urban landscape it is the wish and the desire for nature that keeps his childhood passions alive through his music. Always grasping for the organic and entrenched in ambience that sound like a drive through the most remote landscapes, Nature Program is showing every sign of issuing a new sound to Race Car Productions that captures the hearts of your youth and beyond. His song 82' was featured in the UK surf film 21 Days Later Mentawais and his journey will continue deep into nature and your stereo.