With his first EP on RACECAR, Polar Sky invites his listener into a dangerous world. Hot, neon lights beat down on the wet steaming pavement and we are ushered into a wasteland of illicit, dirty drugs and cheap sex. Streets filled with pistols and cigarettes, lipstick and knives, the decadence destroyed by one lone wolf.

The cylinders vibrate, the motor pulses, and hot rubber grinds the slick pavement. As “Sexually Transmitted Affection” morphs into a “Night Drive,” we find ourselves driving through the oasis only to be let off on an evil, corrupt corner. Justice must be served.

Syncopated chimes blast off like an airliner and the wounded streets fall far below. Arpeggiated synthesizers lead the way into the future, eradicating “Timelines.” Blinding in beauty,“The Sun Has Reached Its Zenith.” We bask in warm rays, blue skies and aural grace. Finally arriving “At The Space Station,” the bay doors open to a world of anti-gravity and triumph. Bursts of rhythm echo into the white hot melody. Ambient swirls persist throughout “GV-GE-YU-I,” fading into infinity.

Polar Sky
Polar Sky

FORMAT: CD/Digital
RELEASE DATE: Jan 22, 2013
ARTWORK: Polar Sky
MASTERING: Josh Chiara

  1. Sexually Transmitted Affection
  2. Night Drive (Extended)
  3. Timelines
  4. The Sun Has Reached Its Zenith
  5. At The Space Station (Huffing Acetone Mix)
  6. GV-GE-YU-I

About the artist

Polar Sky, the moniker of Jeremy Hensley, slowly started finding his sound in his teenage years. Explorations in the obscure sounds of punk, IDM, and experimental alternatives have inspired an amalgamation of retro futurism and DIY aesthetics. From raw synthesizers to pulsing percussive feedback and beyond, Polar Sky invites you into his recurring dreams. He has created a familiar yet alien world, a fabricated landscape of decadence and fantasy.