Entitled Nadador del Alma (Spanish for “swimmer of the soul”), the concept album takes listeners on a journey to the depths of the deepest ocean. Starting above the water, then descending into the depths where parts of the sea become hallucinatory memories of the decline of past underwater civilizations. Deep sea hauntology. Towards the end of your journey, you ascend out of the water. Slowly, in order to not get the bends. When you resurface, you are jarred awake to face the harsh, lonely reality of love/loss/death in the last track slowly lulling you back to sleep.

Nadador del Alma

FORMAT: Digital
RELEASE DATE: Sep 09, 2016
ARTWORK: Robert Beatty
FILM: Jean Keuffer

  1. Wonder
  2. Descent
  3. Deep Blue
  4. Skin
  5. Neptune Society
  6. Protection
  7. Maine Avenue Fire
  8. The Elders
  9. Swimmer
  10. Ascent
  11. Ashes

About the artist

RIIITES is the experimental solo project of Skeleton Hands frontman Evan Scott Sharfe. The name of the project is an evolution of the title of Sharfe’s college radio show “Night Rituals” which was derived from the idea of listening to soothing music while drifting off to sleep. Sharfe has lovingly, albeit jokingly, coined the term “sleepwave” for the music he creates. The project began as something very personal and only for Sharfe’s own benefit, in which he would create loops that went on for ­30+ minutes that would slowly de-evolve into silence, thus giving a “lulling to sleep” effect. As an experiment, when he was asked to DJ an after party for DJ /rupture, Sharfe instead unleashed his dream laden experimental drones to the public for the first time, playing a live set. Much to Sharfe’s surprise, the set was much more well­ received than anticipated and he began working on more material for an eventual album.