Newcomer schädel presents what may be the most cerebral and moody album on the label so far. Watch My Captor Grow Old and Die is a journey through time and space born from equal parts ambience and groove. The EP itself represents years inside the head of schädel, it's creation spanning for almost 6 years. With a defiance for typical time signatures and tones it is the beauty in the space between the notes and percussion that let the darkness shine out like a dark, back hole. At times driving and at times unsettling, this album surprises with infectious basslines and swarming stabs that are equally at home in the raunchiest of the late night underground as well as the chin-stroking aficionado's home stereo. Some would say it is a lofty goal to compose an EP of electronic music itself let alone make it your introduction, but Watch My Captor Grow Old and Die is like a box of puzzle pieces that are poured out into interlocking shapes and sizes perfectly right before your ears.

watch my captor grow old and die

FORMAT: Digital
RELEASE DATE: Mar 10, 2015
ARTWORK: Chris Randall
MASTERING: Constantine

  1. Eight Years Old And Gone
    To The World
  2. Hyperbolic Manifold
  3. Nails
  4. Haunt
  5. D'un Homme
  6. Fungal State

About the artist

schädel emerges from its creator's diverse and often conflicted interests in music. This, in coordination with experimentation, makes schädel very difficult to classify. After leaving his post-rock band behind, producer Stephen Boyd set aside his guitar and began to experiment with different instruments. This began a journey that would take him from laptops to modular synths and back again, including many sonic adventures in between. The result is predominantly dark in nature, but there are also high notes of beauty and passion in his work that can be heard among the varying tones, tempos, and time signatures that schädel delights in. No stranger to the RACECAR Family, schädel has been in cahoots for years, remixing tracks for labelmates Ellie Herring and Skeleton Hands. In fact, we would say that his first release has been a very long time coming.