In New Berlin, in the basements of post-industrial mansions, lost youths pray to shrines for nothing and participate in rituals that don’t matter. But tonight, one of New Berlin’s daughters is through with the minutia, ready to dive beneath the insincerity of cult posturing, and finally awaken the beacon of change that swells beneath the city streets. Will this be another lost night in Neverland or will she finally meet the beast of her dreams?

Skeleton Hands

FORMAT: Digital
RELEASE DATE: Sep 24, 2013
ARTWORK: Evan Scott Sharfe
MASTERING: Constantine Bischoff

  1. Oxygen (Album Version)
  2. Oxygen (Kontravoid Remix)
  3. Oxygen (Polar Sky Remix)
  4. Oxygen (Andrew Bowen Remix)
  5. Oxygen (RITES Version)
  6. Oxygen (Holy Beast
    Sludgefucker Remix)

About the artist

Skeleton Hands, comprised of Evan Scott Sharfe and Chase Anderson, bring an eclectic electronic sound reminiscent of the glory days of post-punk that is simultaneously foreboding and uplifting. With influences ranging from House and Techno to Post-Punk and Traditional Goth, Skeleton Hands creates a moody sound with a joyful darkness that rumbles the floor and circles the atmosphere.