With the release of Ravage, Skeleton Hands releases their second offering with a song near and dear to their hearts. Born of both melancholy and heartache, Ravage is a love letter spelling revenge. Opening from the heart strings and plunging into a deep, dark cave of percussion with a formidable, arpeggiated bassline, Ravage is rife with both hope and of the haunt. Hope is found in the melodic stings of the guitar where the haunt is found in the incessant stabs of the percussion and baseline. It is only more confounded by the cool melody and words that fall over you like a fog creeping through the night.

Focusing on the beat and highlighting the vocals, the infamous Outputmessage provides a full-blown jammer. Syncopated rhythms and stabs take this back to the true roots of Skeleton Hands, electrofied. Clicks and cuts run rampant pulling the remix right back into a melodic body rock.

The Librarian provides a remix culminating from a land of deep distrust. Visions of long nights, cold steel, and flashing lights cooled with the deep pulses tapping to infinity. The Librarian offers remorse and consolation through the quick tinges of strings only to be let off by a warm rush of blood down the back.

Mogi Grumbles reconstructs Ravage as a funk-laden masterpiece. It pulls listeners into an unrelenting lullaby filled with melodic storytelling only to rejoice in the dirtiest of punchlines like a riddle with a sardonic smile.

Skeleton Hands

FORMAT: Digital
RELEASE DATE: Dec 06, 2011
ARTWORK: Skeleton Hands

  1. Ravage
  2. Ravage (Outputmessage Remix)
  3. Ravage (The Librarian's
    Knife In The Back)
  4. Ravage (Mogi Grumbles
    Love Triangle Remix)

About the artist

Skeleton Hands, comprised of Evan Scott Sharfe and Chase Anderson, bring an eclectic electronic sound reminiscent of the glory days of post-punk that is simultaneously foreboding and uplifting. With influences ranging from House and Techno to Post-Punk and Traditional Goth, Skeleton Hands creates a moody sound with a joyful darkness that rumbles the floor and circles the atmosphere.