With their debut album 'Gone', Skeleton Hands recorded the raw, low-fidelity sounds using the most basic of consumer grade recording equipment in a bedroom in Newport, KY. Over the next 4 years the band recorded and re-recorded their new album over and over only to come back to the original method; albeit with a better set of microphones, and in a different bedroom. Their sophomore full-length effort 'Wake' explores themes of life spent mourning youth while trying to adapt to a more mature existence, and learning from the tribulations along the way.

With a sound that is both more ethereal and danceable than its predecessor, ‘Wake’ delves into similar territory while also boasting a heartening tinge. Jealousy, misogyny, self-sabotage, perseverance, confidence, love lost, and acceptance of death to name a few topics.

The first single "Gardens" shows a return to form for the band with a level of sophistication yet unheard. Drone guitars and impassioned melodies round out this dance floor stomper with sardonic lyrics facetiously telling you that “the devil has tempted your heart.”

Skeleton Hands

FORMAT: CD/Digital/Cassette
RELEASE DATE: Oct 20, 2017
ARTWORK: Meg Anderson

  1. Wake
  2. Unwanted
  3. Gardens
  4. Shadows
  5. Requiem
  6. New Clear Dawn
  7. Misanthropology
  8. Careless
  9. Procession
  10. Awake

About the artist


Skeleton Hands, comprised of Evan Scott Sharfe and Chase Anderson, bring an eclectic electronic sound reminiscent of the glory days of post-punk that is simultaneously foreboding and uplifting. With influences ranging from House and Techno to Post-Punk and Goth, Skeleton Hands creates a moody sound with a joyful darkness that rumbles the floor and circles the atmosphere.

Starting out as a studio project in 2010, the band has released two singles on RACECAR Ltd. including Ravage and Oxygen, along with a handful of self-released EPs. Their debut full-length album Gone, presented a sound that is both familiar and fresh. It garnered many praises the world over, selling out of vinyl copies shortly after its release. As the album continues to gain new listeners, Sharfe and Anderson have continued to explore their sound with their a new album entitled Wake, slated for released in October of 2017.

With every subsequent release, Skeleton Hands continue to blend their sorrowful vocals alongside a guitar-tinged, synth-infused palette that firmly plants them at the forefront of a new movement of buzz worthy names in dark pop.