The Fruhstucks sophomore release with RACECAR is a 180 degree turn from Hats & Cats. This is a far more refined yet purposely less polished release, still rife with emotion yet embodying a certain grace and maturation. Much of this could be due to instrumentation. The Fruhstucks have added strings to their vision with the addition of guitars by Miguel Camara and subsequently Sutja Gutierrez also plucking strings himself. However, although instrumentation can alter a sound it is much more likely that The Fruhstucks have realized their sonic path and it is a journey that you will adore.

On Sorry, We Are The Fruhstucks, Sutja and Miguel present their virgin vinyl effort on 7 inch. The songs are paramount to this as guitars ring, beats crunch, and Sutja’s vocals haunt you with melancholic bliss.

"Small Nice Ruin" starts off the EP as a sweet introduction not unlike a field of poisonous flowers with distended guitars, toy-box synths, and Sutja’s glowing baritone vocals leading the way.

Conversely, "Your Body is a Dream", is The Fruhstucks’ ballad to their “lovers.” Slow, pop-sensibility and raw guitars paint a picture of long lost cinema and being lost in love. One thing is for sure, this song would not be lost on John Hughes.

On "My Punk is Alive (Inside)", the digital only song, the duo dips its toes back into dance music and come out glowing with New Order-style basslines and Sutja’s distended melodies dancing away.

With this EP The Fruhstucks prove themselves as the new “it”, visionary, lo-fi, dream-pop band as they steadily climb into your heart. Let them in.

The Fruhstucks
Sorry, We Are The Fruhstucks

FORMAT: Vinyl/Digital
RELEASE DATE: Mar 15, 2011
ARTWORK: Mercedes Hausmann
           VINYL: RCPA 029
MASTERING: Constantine Bischoff

  1. Small Nice Ruin
  2. Your Body Is A Dream
  3. My Punk Is Alive (Inside) [Digital Exclusive]

About the artist

The Fruhstucks (from the German word “Frühstück”) is the new creation by two artists linked by the same interest but divided by the same geographic reality: one of them lives in the Mediterranean Coast and the other one lives in the Canary Islands. As a very effective couple, The Fruhstucks performs a dynamic composition of electronic Dark Wave sounds adding several analog voices and chords to their fuzzy network. Although their newness they have already captured the attention of several international artists from the visual realm to the fashion industry like Emma de Sèze, Philipp Wolgast, Tania Schwarzt Brondo “LuluPlay”, Vincent Oliver, The Notes, Tyler T. Williams, Sir Von Rohr, Antonella Arismendi, Gala Knorr, Bon Chat - Bon Rat or Mercedes Hausmann.