Red Letter is a continuation of The Librarian's Slow release earlier this year that is equally drenched in droning guitar riffs and moody, introspective vocals. Where Slow took a journey through love's undying journey, Red Letter revels in love's decadent course while walking down a path of obsession and eroticism. Through dissonant howls and discordant stabs, we await the sweet distrust that can only be held in the arms of romance.  

Los Angeles based, Gothic-Noise outfit, Bestial Mouths (DAIS Records) deconstruct Red Letter to its most primal and then builds it back up while focusing entirely on uncontrolled, feral blasts. They transform the song into a supernatural, noise infused gothic, club hit. The original vocals spin and swing possessed between primitive beats and waves of urgency.  Blood curdling synthetic stabs ignite the flesh and wind it into a distorted, rabid frenzy. This is a deadly drone.

Reve Mosquito takes "Red Letter" into the not-so-distant past where the punks congregate and doom. It's as if The Librarian has instantly taken to the stage with a band full of misfits who revel in the nihilism of the darkness. Reve Mosquito single handedly concocts this maelstrom of gloom through a vast knowledge of his roots and the instrumentation needed to execute it. A one man band of fury.

The Librarian
Red Letter

Format: Digital
Release Date: Oct 02, 2012
Artwork: Matthew Cooper
Catalog #: RCP 036
Mastering: Constantine Bischoff

  1. Red Letter
  2. Red Letter
    (Bestial Mouths Remix)
  3. Red Letter (Reve Mosquito's 1979 Version)

About the artist

The Librarian, the moniker of Matthew Cooper, delights in his own breed of dark electronic music, infused with strong gothic undertones, minimal composition, and the darkest shades of blues. Constantly on the cusp of the avant-garde, he is known for giving listeners a glimpse into the obscure. He has always found solace in the creation of sound and in manipulating sounds by playing fine records. Perhaps the most intriguing is his affinity for performance and aesthetics. He brings a new life to a club scene that has become status quo with unabashed charisma and showmanship while also maintaining a devout attention to imagery and emotion. The Librarian brought us his first single entitled “The Hornet’s Nest” in 2007. This single was taken from his former work entitled The Colony which was released in 2008 and included the hit remix from JPLS (M_nus) entitled “The Hunter.” The Librarian’s career is only expanding with an ambitious release schedule to come on multiple labels and darker journeys to embark on.