After a lengthy hiatus, The Librarian returns with another bittersweet love song entitled Slow. Beginning from a dark and desperate wasteland, Slow finds its soul through melancholic horn stabs and melodic guitars. The journey is undying, victorious love only found in the warming surrender of inhibitions. Embracing passion to the incessant tapping of a drum.

Born from the storm, Ellie Herring plunges into the depths of the beat and concocts a maelstrom of passion. As the bass rumbles and pushes, the voices pulse, and the frenetic clicks swarm. A true anthem, as if she knows all too well the power of love.

Stemming from the romance, Skeleton Hands dives into the miasma providing a gothic masterpiece reminiscent of the golden days of youth in their "Hard Version." The synth rattles bones and the guitars echo through the caverns of the heart. This rendition rewrites the poetry of the original while captivating the beauty of chaos.

Drenched in apathy while longing for a shred of hope, Skeleton Hands also provides a "Soft Version." Droning, lazy tones lead to muffled cries echoing as they stumble down a hazy corridor through fog chasing the light. Pure visions drowning in sorrow while clenching lost dreams of happiness.

The Librarian

FORMAT: Digital
RELEASE DATE: Feb 28, 2012
ARTWORK: Matthew Cooper
MASTERING: Constantine Bischoff


  1. Slow
  2. Slow (Ellie Herring Remix)
  3. Slow (Skeleton Hands
    Hard Version)
  4. Slow (Skeleton Hands
    Soft Version)

About the artist

The Librarian, the moniker of Matthew Cooper, delights in his own breed of dark electronic music, infused with strong gothic undertones, minimal composition, and the darkest shades of blues. Constantly on the cusp of the avant-garde, he is known for giving listeners a glimpse into the obscure. He has always found solace in the creation of sound and in manipulating sounds by playing fine records. Perhaps the most intriguing is his affinity for performance and aesthetics. He brings a new life to a club scene that has become status quo with unabashed charisma and showmanship while also maintaining a devout attention to imagery and emotion. The Librarian brought us his first single entitled “The Hornet’s Nest” in 2007. This single was taken from his former work entitled The Colony which was released in 2008 and included the hit remix from JPLS (M_nus) entitled “The Hunter.” The Librarian’s career is only expanding with an ambitious release schedule to come on multiple labels and darker journeys to embark on.